Professional Locksmith Tools and Manuals Received With the Course

 Acme’s classroom is approximately 850 sq. ft. with 65 ft. of counter work space and is an actual workshop setting that includes:
Professional locksmith equipment including key duplicating machines, locks, security hardware, key gauges, pinning kits, mounts and all the necessary tools needed.

Our classroom is designed to accommodate 10 students per session, with more than ample work space and comfortable seating arrangements.

Professional Locksmith tools and manuals received with the course

  • Locksmith Manual:   Complete handbook with detailed explanations, illustrations and information
  • Complete Key Blank Catalog:  Contains more than 2,400 types of key blanks, technical information and key blank cross reference charts
  • Professional Lock Pick Set:  Contains all the tools necessary to open pin tumbler and wafer cylinder locks, carrying case included
  • Compact Universal Pin Kit:  Contains universal pins necessary for keying lock cylinders
  • Cylinder Removing Tool:  Special tool used for servicing cylinders
  • Plug Follower:  Essential for servicing and rekeying locks
  • Shim Stock:  12 shims
  • Pin Tweezers:  Necessary for rekeying and pinning cylinder
  • Wafer Lock:  Used in class
  • Locksmith Tool Catalogs:  Catalogs contain many of the hard to find tools and information on how to purchase them
  • Pin Holding Mat
  • Impressioning File
  • 4 Way Screwdriver
  • Ice Pick
  • Picture Identification Card